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I have been searching decent soprano ukulele. I bought Washburn’s ukulele for my 4 year old son while ago, but that’s his, and I now want one, too. It’s just smaller and easier for me to play since my hands are not big.

I knew that Takamine guitar and Jake Shimabukuro got together and made MIGM ukulele in Japan. However, I have been wanting a bit more information about it. Anyway, after I read the article about this ukulele just recently, I decided that my next soprano ukulele has to be this:

Even thought this ukulele is only available in Japan currently, let me introduce about this ukulele today.

Although the body wood material is cost-reduced mahogany wood, Takamine team and Jake challenged to make ukulele with very high quality sound. Nut & Saddle are bone-made which provides ideal hardness unlike plastic or other material & create clear sound. World popular Gotoh tuning machine heads (made in Japan) includes high quality gear & helps keeping accurate tuning. J92 strings provide mellow sound. Rosewood fingerboard has the same very high quality finish as other Takamine guitar.  Scale is regular 347mm, but it includes 14 flets, and easy to play the high flet (up to 19 flets) with kids’ small hands.

These key points are not always available in very expensive ukuleles!!

← 我決定買的Soprano,一月去看的Jake表演後,他能不能幫我簽名呢??

MIGM SOPRANO Ukulele Specs

  • Produced & manufactured by Takamine and Jake Shimabukuro
  • Mahogany neck/body
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Rosewood fretboard binding
  • Scale length = 347mm
  • Soprano Style Only
  • Includes high quality, semi-hard MIGM ukulele case

Jake’s Key Points

  • Bone nut
  • Compensated bone saddle
  • Gotoh tuning machine heads (made in Japan)
  • D’Addario strings (set J92)
  • 14 fret joint exposed instead of the standard 12
  • Special headstock designed to represent the MIGM Hawaiian Jackson Chameleon’s three horns

Takamine Guitar is located in Nakatsugawa in Gifu prefecture, which is pretty close to my Japanese house(I’m from Nagoya originally). I better support our local company. I also like to support Jake-san’s MIGM program for children.

BTW, next time when I go back to Japan, I want to go to the factory tour. Should be fun!!

***Right now, MIGM ukulele is only available in Japan***

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