Jake Shimabukuro in Cravis Center, WPB FL

Jake Shimabukuro came to Cravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL (Janualy 2011).

Me and my friend sat right in front of Jake-san. He probably knew that we’re Japanese, and during the concert, he asked us:

“Are you guys from Japan?”

We said “Yes”, then he said “Feels like home~”!!!

Also, he asked us if we play the Koto or not.  We said “No”, then he said “good!”.

Before he played Japanese famous Koto song called “Sakura”, he said “YoroshikuOnegai Shimasu” in Japanese.

He is so sweet~~

After the concert, I showed my MIGM ukulele & got his autograph + picture together!!

I also gave him a letter & little craft made by me & my son. ジェイクさん素敵~!!これからも頑張ってね:)応援してます。

Photo: Jake-san and Me and my friend, Azusa


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