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This blog is about my ukulele experiences, and it is written in Japanese with broken English/Chinese.

My mother is an organ teacher, and music was always there in our house. I learned piano & all the music theories from my mother since I was little. I also played in the brass band in middle school &  finally played in our own band when I was in highschool.

One day, I watched Japanese comedian, Buu Takagi was performing ukulele on the TV, don’t know why but I immediately liked it very much and started being interested!  However, I was busy in studying & playing my keyboard in my band, didn’t have a chance to play.

Later, I moved to Taiwan for my study & work. My life was kind of  busy & stressful there, so I started listening to jazz channel more. Then, the year of 2000, when Lisa Ono and Keiko Lee started becoming popular finally in Taiwan, I became a huge fan of Bossa Nova. One of my Japanese friend was learning singing from Keiko Lee, and I knew her music well, but I didn’t know about Lisa Ono very much. However,  after listening to Lisa’s music, I just fell in love with Brazilian Bossa Nova!  The greatest thing about Bossa Nova is; it relaxes my mind. Especially since I didn’t know any Portuguese, there was no way that I could sing together, so I could study, read or sleep while listening to it. Which is a lot different from other music. (I usually stop doing stuff when I start listening to my favorite music & start singing together…)

I started playing the ukulele just recently in the U.S., and… I just love it!!! It really changed my days. Now, I do all the house work with humming, have a dream of ukulele chords at night & pretty much thinking about music most of the time… My music inspiration came back to me.

I do have a big ambition which is named “Uke de Bossa.”  Uke de Bossa is my project to play my favorite Bossa Nova with ukulele & hopefully sing in Portuguese/English, do ukulele solo with melodies eventually, and also visit Brazil someday.

Anyways, in this blog, I want to update what I’m doing & share my project with people all over the world. Thanks!

このブログは私のUke de Bossa(ウクレレでボザノバを弾く)プロジェクトについて書いています。今の所、私のウクレレ仲間は皆英語圏の方々ばかりなので、このブログは英語で書かれることが多いと思うのですが、日本人のウクレレ仲間が欲しいので(実は、、、まだ一人も居ません・・・)、ブログを通して日本の方々と交流できたらと思っております。よろしくお願いいたします。

本部落格以日語,英文和中文寫我的Uke de Bossa;用烏克麗麗彈Bossa Nova的經驗。因為目前我人在佛州,我的烏克麗麗朋友都講英文,因此我用英文寫的比較多。但我也很希望與台灣/中國大陸/香港的朋友們交流,所以我想以後多寫中文。請多多指教!

Kyoko W.京子

Sep, 2010