Kyoko W. 京子

  • Currently located in Florida, but I was born and raised in Japan. I have also lived in Taiwan and Thailand. Don’t know where I am going next in the future…
  • I speak Japanese, Chinese, English and conversational Thai. Interested in learning some European languages now.

  • SAHM and trying  the bilingual education. I am also working for translation agencies in Taiwan and Japan, but not much for right now. I have also worked in the hotel and restaurant in Bangkok for learning Thai.
  • I have studied about Chinese community in Thailand & wrote 2 big thesis both in my college (in Japan) and graduate school(in Taiwan). Interesting stuff (to me)!!
  • Music lover since little. Like to sing, play the piano & ukulele.
  • Like to cook & eat healthy food & snacks. Love dark chocolate (cacao 70% plus)
  • Love any kinds of art, handmade creations and arrangements.